• Security
    Pinnacle Technologies is your premier source for home and commercial security and 24/7 monitoring services.
    We can equip your premise with access control to use cards, key fobs or thumbprints to gain entry and even tie it in with a timekeeping program.
    Let us install a CCTV system using cameras and a DVR to record activity. Our customers are able to access real-time activity using a computer or even their smartphones.
    Fire Systems
    At Pinnacle Technologies we have the technicians that are certified to design, maintain and monitor fire systems in commercial and residential applications. We can also provide yearly NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) inspections, which are required for businesses that require the use of a fire alarm.
  • Audio| Video
    We can provide homes and businesses with custom audio and video options. In a home setting, we can provide speakers in one room to provide surround sound while enjoying movies or TV or throughout the whole house. We can mount TVs on walls and provide and program remotes that will work all your entertainment devices instead of using multiple remotes. Use our intercom systems to communicate room to room or from the house to a shop or barn.